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Can You Sue An Employee For Damages Related To A Hit And Run Accident?

When you hire employees, you expect them to act in your best interests when they are on the clock. Unfortunately, employees sometimes make mistakes that can result in financial and reputational losses to your business, and this includes being involved in hit and run accidents on company time. In some situations, though, you may be […]

Registering Your Nova Scotia Vehicle With Custom Modifications: What’s Allowed And What’s Not

If you’re in the process of completing custom modifications to your vehicle, there’s plenty you can do to make it truly “yours.”  Mods can be a fun way to ensure that your vehicle grabs attention and is comfortable to drive. Before you move forward with customization, it’s important to understand whether your idea is permissible […]

Bursitis Injuries And Workplace Compensation Claims: What You Need To Know

Bursitis is a relatively common disorder that can affect different parts of the body. This painful condition is an activity-related soft tissue disorder (ASTD) that affects Canadians in a range of occupations, but carpet layers, gardeners and painters are at a higher risk than other people. If you develop bursitis as a result of your […]

3 Class Action Lawsuits Helping Canadians Who Value Privacy

While technology has its benefits, it can also have its disadvantages. When so much personal information is stored and exchanged electronically, data breaches are bound to occur. While data breaches are not new, as even before today’s technology paperwork containing private information could be stolen, thieves can now steal data in ways they never could […]