How To Apply For U.S. Citizenship Under The Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals Program


When an immigrant enters the United States, he or she can only become a citizen if the right avenues are followed. The children of undocumented immigrants reach adulthood the issue of legal documented citizen can hit them as a complete surprise. Undocumented children can attend public school, obtain drivers licenses and even be covered under federally sponsored insurance plans. While immigration law grants all children born in the United States citizenship regardless of their parent's documented immigration status, even children brought into the U.

14 July 2017

Can a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Help You Avoid a Civil Lawsuit?

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After exhausting efforts to recover payment on a debt, your creditor could choose to take you to court. A loss in the civil court could result in wage garnishment, seized assets, and damage to your credit. If you are facing a lawsuit, here is what you should know. What Can You Do to Stop the Lawsuit? Unless you have the funds to pay off the debt, chances are, you have very few options available when it comes to stopping the lawsuit.

10 July 2017

What Could Happen With Your Alleged Traffic Violations

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If you get a traffic violation, you may think of it as a minor offense. Some people do not realize that even seemingly minor traffic offenses can hurt them in the future. This is why it is usually a good idea to try to get charges dismissed or reduced, especially if you are a careful driver. You never know when a future driving offense may occur, which can trigger the courts to review prior offenses.

6 July 2017

Getting Your Fair Share From Workers' Comp

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If you have been hurt while working, you can rest assured that your employer's worker's compensation policy covers your injury. While the perk itself is a financial one, it does help to alleviate the stress of worry about bills pilling up while you cannot work. Knowing what to expect can also help, so read on to get more information about getting your fair share from your worker's comp benefits. Your Medical Bills

29 June 2017

4 Tips To Reduce Anxiety After A Truck Accident

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If you drive a truck for a living it's entirely possible you may be in an accident. Being on the road does come with a number of potential challenges and the potential of being in a wreck is one of these when this is your livelihood. Regardless how careful you try to be there's always the possibility of the other driver hitting you. This can be an extremely stressful time in life and knowing things you can do to assist in alleviating your anxiety are sure to be helpful.

26 June 2017

Social Security Disability 101: 3 Tips For Those Undergoing A Hearing

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Sometimes, those who apply for disability are required to attend a hearing. As you might expect, this typically takes place in a courtroom. Unfortunately, this can make a lot of people nervous. Especially if they believe they will be denied the benefits they need. However, you can keep your cool and increase the chances of winning your case by following these three tips: 1. Ensure Your Medical Records Are Up To Date

22 June 2017

Why It Is Important To Grant Power Of Attorney When Planning An Estate

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Estate planning is a major step for anyone who has a significant amount of money or property to bestow. Unfortunately, if disability strikes a person before they grant a power of attorney to someone they trust, their estate planning may go awry. Disability Can Complicate An Estate When a person suffers from a disabling situation, it can complicate their estate planning by making it difficult for them to execute a plan.

18 June 2017